Friday, 11 January 2019

Side Seam Pocket

This tutorial and pictures are by Gayle Ortiz. It is her technique for making a side pocket.


  • First, mark the position of where the pocket is to be on the front side seams. 
  • Using a rounded template, cut out the pocket opening, allowing for seam allowance both top and bottom.  The pocket bag itself will be longer than the opening by about 5/8" top and bottom.

  • Use a knit for the binding so that there is no need to cut bias strips, but if using a woven you will need about 10-12" of 2" bias cut fabric.  Pin the bias strips to the fronts, right sides facing.

  • Sew the binding on using a 1/2" seam allowance then turn the strip to the back, over the seam allowance (don't trim!) and top stitch it.  Cut away any excess on the back and edges.

  • Draft the pocket bag to be 5/8" longer than the pocket opening with the shape of the side seam and however big you want it. Overlock the edges of the pocket bag then sew it onto the garment, right side of pocket bag to wrong side of garment.

  • Sew the side seam, catching in the side edges of the pocket.

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