Sunday, 25 March 2018

Lined Patch Pockets

This technique is courtesy of Itch to Stitch.


Step 1: Sew lining to pocket at the top (ie the facing of the pocket) with RS together, leaving a 2" gap in the middle for turning.

Step 2: Press the lining up with seam allowances towards the lining to reduce bulk.

Step 3: Trim ⅛" off remaining 3 sides of lining

Step 4: Pin the lining to the pocket matching cut edges and folding at the fold line of the facing. Because the lining is smaller than the pocket, the pocket will 'bubble' a bit. Pin from the lining side.

Step 5: Stitch around the pocket with the pocket against the feed dogs so that the excess fabric is eased into the lining.

Step 6: Trim the seam allowances to about ⅛".

Step 7: Turn the pocket right side out through the gap between the lining and the facing. Press the seam very carefully with the seam line slightly on the lining side.

Step 8: Top stitch the pocket to the garment or hand stitch the seam line/lining to the garment. Hand stitching is great if you want the pockets to be invisibly attached, especially if the garment is of heavier weight.

Step 9: Press over a ham to give a nice subtle curve.

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