Friday, 12 January 2018

Bias Tape Finish for Necklines and Armholes

This technique is courtesy of Amanda of Amanda's Adventures in Sewing and Craftsy.


  • Use bias strips or tape 3cm wide and as long as the armhole,with a bit extra.
  • Fold one short raw edge under by ¼", then fold the bias tape in half lengthwise with wrong sides together.
  • For a 5/8" seam allowance, baste a line of stitching at 3/8" from edge of armhole. This line will act as a guide for the bias tape placement.
  • Line the raw edges of the bias strip with the basted line on the armhole, and the fold towards the garment, starting at the underarm. Slightly gather the bias tape to get around the tight curve but not enough to cause a tuck. The raw edges should be rippley but smooth at the seam line. Pin in place using lots of pins.

  • Stitch the bias tape in place at 5/8", folding under the last ¼" and cutting off any excess tape.
  • Butt the ends of the bias tape very close together and hand slip stitch together.

  • Trim the armhole fabric right back to the raw edge of the bias tape.
  • Turn the tape to the inside and pin in place from the outside using lots of pins and making sure that none of the tape is visible from the outside.
  • Topstitch from the right side.

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