Sunday, 30 July 2017

Adding a Jabot to any round neckline

This technique is courtesy of Sandra Betzina. She recommends choosing soft, drapey fabrics, such as chiffon, challis, rayon, silk, etc and avoiding plaids and stripes.


  1. Make a paper pattern. Using a 12" x 12" square of paper, mark a dot in the centre of one edge as the starting point for the radius.
  2. Tie a 9" string to a pencil and knot the other end. Put a pin through the knot and draw a semicircle with a radius of 9".
  3. Shorten the string and draw a semicircle with a 3" radius, from the same starting point.
  4. Make another pattern piece with semicircles at 7" and 3".
  5. Cut out the paper patterns (along outside semicircle line and along inner semicircle line) and then in fabric
  6. Hem the long edges with a narrow hem or rolled hem on the overlocker.
  7. Gather the neckline edges of both semicircles to 2".
  8. Place the WS of the larger ruffle to the RS of the garment at centre of front neckline and pin. Adjust the gathers. Baste. Press lightly.
  9. Place smaller ruffle on top of larger ruffle, RS up. Adjust gathers. Baste. Press lightly.
  10. Finish neckline with a facing or bias strip.

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