Saturday, 27 May 2017

Collar stand by Sandra Betzina

This technique by Sandra Betzina relies on not sewing the point of the collarstand until the very end. She recommends using ¼" seam allowances on collar, collar stands and neck edge.

Step 1. Make the collar

Step 2. Prepare the neckline.

Stay stitch the neckline of the shirt and clip neckline at 1" intervals.

 3. Interface

Interface the whole of the outer collar stand and the lower ½" of the inner collar stand. Trim off ⅛" from the outer edges (not the neck edge) of the inner collar stand.

Step 4. Attach collar to collar stands

Sandwich the collar between collar stands and stitch seam, stopping a few stitches beyond the end of the collar ends (ie don't sew the points of the collar stands).

Step 5. Attach collar/collar stands to neck edge.

Place RS of inner collar stand against WS of shirt. Stitch the seam and trim to ¼".Place RS of collar stands together and stitch the ends of the collar stands together, stitching 1/16" beyond the edge of the shirt. Trim seam to ¼".

Step 6. Complete collar stands.

Turn under the outer collar stand seam allowance and topstitch in place. You migh need to pin over a ham to get an even line.

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