Step 1. Press binding in half lengthwise with WS together
Step 2. Make sure you have enough - binding seams won't show
Step 3. Staystitch ⅛" away from the edge so the edge doesn't stretch out
Step 4. Pin binding to neckline, RS together starting about ½" before a shoulder seam, then sew the ends of the binding together. To do this, mark both ends of the binding at the shoulder seam and trim the ends of the binding ½" past the shoulder seam. Unfold the ends of the binding and pin them together with RS together and the seam marks facing. Stitch the two ends together with a ½" seam allowance. Open up the seam and finger press. Fold the binding back in half and pin to neckline so that the seam lines line up with the shoulder. 
Step 5. Press in place between the pins.
Step 6. Sew the raw edge of the binding to the neck edge using a scant (just a hair under) ¼" seam allowance. Don't bother pinning just don't stretch the binding out.
Step 7. Press binding to inside of garment. Press binding up, away from the garment and flip to the inside of the garment and press, allowing the outer fabric to roll slightly to the inside for a nice clean look. The binding should cover the seam allowance.
Step 8. Pin binding to inside of garment, add a label.Turn the garment inside out and pin the binding all the way around. If you’d like to add a tag to the back of your neckline, now is the time to pin it into place.
Step 9. Edgestitch from the inside of the garment. Press.