Saturday, 31 December 2016

Invisible zipper insertion - Craftsy

  • Apply fusible stay tape to both sides of where invisible zipper will go, twice as wide as the zipper.
  • Don't sew any part of the seam first.
  • Shorten zipper to desired length
  • Invisible zipper foot = wide but with 2 channels underneath where coils will go.
  • Adjustable zipper foot = narrow with no channels but can butt up to the coils.
  • Lightly press 5/8" SA on each separate piece of fabric to form a guide.
  • With zipper stop down, pin one side of zipper in place, placing coils next right over the pressed seam line.
  • From top, line coil up with LHS groove of invisible zipper foot and stitch close to coils, pulling coils open as you go, all the way down, L = 2.5. At the slider, backstitch and finish. Pulling the coils open encourages the seam allowance to roll back and makes the zipper invisible.
  • Do the zipper up, flip to the other side and move finished SA out of the way, and check where the other piece of fabric lines up.
  • Undo the zipper, pin the second side of the zipper in place along the steamed seam line and sew in place. Backstitch before the slider.
  • Do the zipper up, flip to WS and stitch from bottom of zipper to end of seam using the adjustable zipper foot to get really close to the stopper. Start a couple of stitches above where the invisible zipper stopped. Press SAs open below zipper from both WS and RS. Steam invisible zipper from RS.

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