Sunday, 27 November 2016

Insert an Exposed Zipper

This technique is taken from Simplicity #1168, a Threads pattern. I used this on Claude's snake print dress.


  1. Interface either side of the zipper opening.
  2. Stitch CB seam from bottom zipper marking and press seam open.
  3. Press open 3/4" on CB edges above bottom zipper marking.
  4. On outside, pin closed zipper to CB with RS facing and zipper top towards the hem of the garment (thebottom of the zipper should be about ½" below the bottom zipper marking).
  5. Stitch across the end of the zipper ½" above the zipper stop.
  6. Flip the zipper up and centre it over the opening edges. Baste across the neck edge.
  7. On the inside, pin the zipper in place with pressed edges along the zipper teeth. Baste close to pressed edges but not along the lower end of the opening.
  8. On the outside, topstitch the zipper tape along the basting (ie edgestitching the pressed edges.
  9. Stitch a second line of topstitching close to the edges of the zipper teeth and across the bottom. Remove basting.

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