Saturday, 2 July 2016

Make a European Pillow Sham with a Flange

This technique is courtesy of Sandra Betzina. This cushion cover has a wide, decorative flange and an overlapped opening at the back (no buttons or zipper).


  • Measure the seam of the cushion to get the correct size. This example uses a 20" square pillow.
  • Cut a 27" square of fabric for the front (allows a 3" flange and 5/8" seam allowances).
  • Cut 2 back pieces of fabric, one 27" x 2/3, + 1 5/8" (here, 19 5/8" x 27") and one 27" x ⅓, + 1 5/8" (here, 10 5/8" x 27"). This allows for the width of the cushion with 5/8" hem on the overlap pieces + a 2" overlap of the opening.
  • Hem 5'/8' on the overlap edge (a 27" side) of both backs. Make a narrow hem and stitch down.
  • Pin front to backs, RS together and ovelapping the backs by 2", and sew together in a 5/8" seam all around. Sew with a smaller stitch before and after each corner.
  • Press 1 seam allowance back on itself, all around.
  • Trim and grade the corners. Turn to the right side and press flat using Spray Starch to get a really crisp finish.
  • Anchor the flange with pins.
  • Mark the 3" line before and after each corner so that the pivot point is clear.
  • Use a 3" mark on your sewing machine to stitch all around the flange, sewing from the RS and making sure the back opening is lying squarely in place.
  • Press with lots of spray starch

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