Friday, 8 July 2016

Make and Apply Fringe

This technique is courtesy of Sandra Betzina. The best fabric for fringing is 'Chanel' tweeds. You will get different colours depending on whether you cut the strips on the straight or the cross grain. Always using fringing doubled up for a lush look.


  • Cut a 2" wide strip of fabric and a 2" wide strip of silk organza.
  • Machine baste the organza to the fabric down the centre line.
  • Press both organza seams to one side and both fabric seams to one side.
  • Cut the organza seams down to 5/8".
  • Unravel the fabric to form fringing.
  • Add to garment edge. If it is to a curve, e.g. to a lapel, clip into the organza.
  • Baste close to the seam (to show placement when it comes to stitching e.g. facing in place).
  • Apply eg facing and stitch seam using the basting as a guide.
  • Press the seam allowances back on themselves on both sides.
  • Trim and grade the seam allowances, notch curves and turn right sides out.
  • Baste the facing to the garment near the seam so can then give a good hard press with a clapper /organza on WS.

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