Friday, 1 July 2016

Hemming a Curved Hem

These techniques are courtesy of Sandra Betzina. They relate to hemming curves on either a standard weight fabric or a heavy weight fabric.

Technique for a standard weight fabric:

  1. Fuse Steam a Seam ¼" to the curve. Keep the paper intact, it will act as a template.
  2. Wherever there are divots in the seam, clip them off.
  3. Turn the hem up again, using the paper of the Steam a Seam as a template.
  4. Press in place then remove paper and fuse.
  5. Topstitch.

Technique for a thick fabric:

  1. Use a long (eg 3.5) stitch length at about half the width of the hem, pressing hard behind the presser foot to create tiny pleats which you release occasionally (but don't spread out).
  2. Turn the hem up the required amount.
  3. Clip out any divots that form within the seam.

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