Saturday, 2 July 2016

Design Ideas for Border Prints

This discussion is courtesy of Sandra Betzina.

Border prints are most commonly made into a skirt but there are many more ideas you can try.

  • Cut the print up into sections and use different parts of the print for different parts of the garment. Eg. cuffs, collar, hems.
  • You may need to have a complimentary fabric to provide extra yardage for plackets, cuffs, collar stands. This could be a plain fabric or it could be e.g. a check or stripe.
  • Cut features from the border print, such as flowers, and appliqué to eg cuffs, hems.
  • If you need to cut the pattern on the cross-grain (i.e. with very little stretch) then add ½" to the back pattern piece, from shoulder to hem, for a total of 1" extra ease. At the shoulder line this can be eased in or a small pleat formed.
  • Sometimes a border print will have a clean finish which you can utilise. Otherwise, consider making a rolled hem or finishing the hem with ribbon.
  • Consider making a scarf as often the selved is self finished.

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