Saturday, 2 July 2016

Covered Shoulder Pads

This technique is courtesy of Sandra Betzina.

Prepare the shoulder pad:

  • Trim the pad so it will lie 1¼" away from the neck seam.
  • Remove some of the thickness from underneath the pad, if desired.

Cover the shoulder pad:

  • Place the pad into the bias fold of fabric and pin along the front edge of the pad.
  • Fold a fabric dart from underneath the pad and pin in place.
  • Pin along the midline of the shoulder pad.
  • Trim the fabric away from the pad, leaving a margin of 1" or so all around.
  • Quilt the pad. With the longest stitch, sew from the underneath midline of the pad to the outer edge, starting about 1" from the front edge of the pad. Keep the curved shape of the pad as you sew. Do 3 or 4 rows of stitching about 1" apart.
  • Stitch the other side of the pad in the same way.
  • Overlock the outsde edge of the pad, not through the pad.

Attach the shoulder pad:

  • Position the pad with the front edge in line with the sleeve seam (but don't sew in place).
  • Pin the midline of the pad to the shoulder seam allances and whip-stitch in place along both seam allowances.

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