Friday, 17 June 2016

Mitreing a Shirt Vent

This technique is courtesy of Sandra Betzina. For this technique, the shirt hem and shirt vent need to be the same width. For example, 1½ " wide. It doesn't work well on narrow hems/vents.


  1. Press ½" Steam a Seam to the edges of the hem and the edge of the vent.
  2. Peel off the paper and press in a ½" hem on both edges, overlapping squarely at the corner.
  3. Press the vent flap in so that it lines up with the 5/8" seam line mark and press up hem to total 1½". These pressing arks form a square.
  4. Fold the corner tip to the intersection of the 1½" fold lines and press the triangular seam..
  5. Put RS together and sew the triangular seam, starting at the cut edge and sewing towards the point.
  6. Cut off the triangle of fabric close to the stitching line.
  7. Turn to the right side and press.

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