Saturday, 18 June 2016

FOE - Sew in, In the Round

This technique is courtesy of Suzanne Gray, sewing teacher from Wamberal, NSW. This technique binds the neck 'in the round'.


  1. Staystitch the neck edge at just under ¼".
  2. Measure the neck edge at the staystitching line then subtract 10% of this measurement to get the length of FOE required.
  3. Join the ends of FOE in a seam to form a circle (i.e. don't just lap the ends).
  4. Quarter and mark the neck edge. Quarter and mark the FOE.
  5. With WS together, match marks of neck edge with marks of FOE, having the lower edge of the FOE lying along the stay stitching line.
  6. Edgestitch the lower edge of the FOE on the WS, slightly stretching the FOE as you go and using your other hand to keep the fabric taut so it doesn't pull out from under the presser foot. This is trickier than it sounds so go slow and be accurate, the final result depends on this bit being neat.
  7. From the right side, fold the FOE over to the RS and edge stitch, covering up the stay stitching.

Statystitching at ¼" from the neck edge

Lining up quarter marks on neck edge and FOE

Sewing FOE along stay stitching line

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