Friday, 17 June 2016

FOE - Sewn in, Flat

This technique could also be used to apply the FOE to a skirt top, stretching the FOE to it's extent to achieve a more gathered waist.

FOE is easier to apply as a flat technique rather than 'in the round' because of the need to both stretch it as you go and line the neck edge up with the FOE. In other words, before the second shoulder seam (or side seam) is sewn.

Applying the FOE

  1. Choose either the shiny side or the matte side of the FOE as the finished look you want.
  2. Choose to have your machine needle finish in the down position - you will stretch the fabric slightly (or a lot, if a skirt waist) as you sew and this would otherwise pull the fabric out from under the presser foot.
  3. Fold the FOE in half and position the neck edge between the two layers of FOE, lying along it's centre fold.
  4. Use a wide zig-zag stitch to stitch the FOE in place, slightly stretching the FOE as you go (or a lot) and holding the back of the fabric taut with your other hand so it feeds through evenly. You will need to sew in bouts, positioning the neck edge and stretching the FOE and sewing that section then repositioning, stretching, sewing, etc until the whole length is sewn.
  5. The raw ends of the FOE will be neatened when the final shoulder (or side seam) seam is sewn.

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