Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Add a Flounce to a Sleeve Hem

This technique is courtesy of Sandra Betzina.  A flounce is circular and therefore falls more fluidly than a ruffle which is cut on-grain and more suited to home dec.


  1. Measure the circumference of the sleeve hem at 5/8".
  2. Draw a circle that is as big as the circumference of the sleeve hem onto tracing paper. To do this, determine the diameter of the circle using, diameter = circumference length / 3.14. The radius of the circle will then be half of this.
  3. Add 4" all the way around. The easiest way to do this is to fold the paper in half, through the centre of the circle, and then into quarters and draw the 4" line. Cut this out to form a full circle template.
  4. Cut the flounce from fabric.
  5. Staystitch the inside circle then 
  6. clip into it to make it easier to join to the sleeve hem.
  7. Finish the outer edge e.g. rolled hem.
  8. Attach the flounce to the sleeve.
Other variations of this include making the inner circle off centre (eg. to add a shoulder flounce to a sleeveless top where the longer part of the flounce will be uppermost) and cutting through the flounce to the inner circle to form a strip which can be added to e.g. a crossover neckline (the inner circle circumference is made the same length as the neckline length).

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