Friday, 24 June 2016

Add Bias Strips to a Shirt

This technique is courtesy of Ron Collins. Easiest done on the flat garment pieces before any construction.


  1. Cut bias strips 1½" wide and varying lengths.
  2. Fuse ¼" Steam a Seam to each edge of each bias strip (helps to stop the bias from stretching).
  3. Mark placement lines.
  4. Fuse to the front of the shirt.
  5. Sew ⅛" along one edge, down to the bottom, across and up the other side.
Could do similar process but gather up the strips 
  1. Cut bias strips 3 x the length required
  2. Gather both edges at ¼" with a long stitch and pull up the bobbin threads together until you like the look
  3. Fuse Steam a Seam on each edge, flattening the gathers
  4. Remove gathering stitch and sew in place.

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