Monday, 25 April 2016

V-Neck Band by Sandra Betzina

Prepare the neckline
  • Before sewing the shoulder seams, trim the neck edge down to ¼"
  • Fuse stay tape over seam lines, measuring the required length from the paper pattern to ensure the knit fabric doesn't stretch
  • Sew the shoulder seams
  • Clip the CB and mark the CF with a dot. Clip into dot by about ⅛".
  • Mark the neckline at ¼ intervals.

Prepare the neck band
  • Measure the neck line at the ¼" stitching line
  • Cut the band with cross-wise stretch, 2-3" wide x (length of neckline - 2") - slightly more for stable knits, slightly less for e.g.. stretch mesh
  • Fold band in half, lengthwise, WS together and press. Sew raw edges together at ¼". Break stitches if it gathers.
  • Form a loop with the cut ends overlapping and forming a V. Sew the two edges of the lower V together at ⅛". Mark the V on the neck band at ¼" with a dot.
  • Mark the neck band at ¼ intervals.

Apply the neck band
  • With RS together, apply band to neckline, matching dots.. Sew out from the dot at ¼", either side for about an inch away. 
  • Match the other points on the neck band/neck edge, stretching the neck band to fit and sew.
  • Sew the band in place with the neckline on top, using the stay stitching line as a guide and sewing ⅛" inside this (forms a ¼" seam), starting and finishing at the V.

  • Serge the seam.
  • Press the seam towards the neckline, away from the band and press with a clapper. Press from the right side as well. If it still wants to sit up, topstitch the seam in place.

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