Sunday, 10 May 2015

Make a Slouchy Pocket

First of all, this pocket was inspired by the fabulous work of Gayle Ortiz and drafted by me with much trial and error. It is designed to be attached to the outside of a top, vest, jacket, etc. and the finished pocket measures approximately 51/2" x 71/2". Note that the wrong side of the fabric forms the front gathered pocket.

Draw a paper template
  1. Draw a rectangle 6 x 16".
  2. At 9" down, draw a diagonal line ending 2" out from the lower corner of the rectangle, ending 1" above the lower line. Mirror the angle for the last 1" and do the same on the other side.
  3. Draw horizontal lines at 1½" and 3" from the top.

Construct the pocket
  1. Cut the fabric out and make snips at all the horizontal lines which are either fold lines or placement lines.
  2. Overlock each short edge, without trimming
  3. Interface the rectangle, not quite to the edges.
  4. With RS together, turn the top of the rectangle down 1½" and sew this short seam in ¼" seam. Turn and press.
  5. With RS together, turn edge of wedge down 1" and pin sides. Don't sew and turn.
  6. With WS together, pin one edge of wedge to one side of rectangle, lining the folded edge of the wedge along the overlocked edge of rectangle. Pin other side (there will be a lot of bagginess).
  7. Sew each side with a ¼" seam.
  8. Sew 2 lines of basting at ½" from the folded edge of the wedge.
  9. Gather the folded edge, secure ends and distribute fullness evenly.
  10. Sew 3 buttons onto the top flap.
  11. Edgestitch the pocket to the top, vest, jacket, and voila!

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  1. Very cute detail. Filing this one away for later use!