Sunday, 2 June 2013

Vogue 8691

I made this tunic top for Claudie to combat the cool weather in Canberra. It's the shorter version, with front zip, and she loved it. Hard to go wrong when you're a size 8!

This was the third time I'd made the pattern so I obviously like it. The first time I made it was the longer version, sans zip, and you can read the pattern review here.


  1. I would love it too! it looks so funky, yet versatile.

  2. Gorgeous top! That is the sort of thing that would cost big $$$ in the shops. Love it!

  3. Hi Helen

    Thanks for your comment on my pattern review. It's nice to see another Aussie on PR. I'm in Brisbane. I love your Vogue tunic. Very funky. Your blog is great too....lots of tutorials :o)

  4. Really nice. I wonder if you would consider adding the widget that allows someone to follow your blog by email subscription? Thank you.