Saturday, 18 August 2012

Crafty cushions

I made these couple of cushions after seeing the idea in an online store called Hard to Find which stocks a wide and varied collection of fashion, jewellery, prints, homewares, etc etc.

I made the cushions using sturdy upholstery fabric from Spotlight, not overly gorgeous but a good background colour and texture. I didn't add a zip closure, I cut the back of the cushion as two separate pieces, created a double fold-over flap on both edges and added buttons. I cut the front as 22 x 22", the back upper as 22 x 8 and the back lower as 22 x 17. I used upholstery thread in the needle and in the bobbin because the fabric was backed with some sort of lining, and therefore a leather needle - large eye, slicing edge to the needle.

To make the animal shapes I first of all got Paul to draw the animals freehand then enlarged them on the photocopier, and used this as a template to cut out a patchwork I had made from cotton leftovers -I quite like being able to identify skirts and tops I've made in the cushions on my lounge! I used Tearaway to bond the applique to the cushion cover and then edge-stitched around it using a decorative stitch, I think the buttonhole stitch. I thought this would be more difficult than it proved to be, really just a matter of predicting where the needle would go next and moving the fabric around it. I made the cushion 4" bigger than the size 18 cushion inserts as I wanted to a) sew a 1" flange all around the edge and b) make the cover looser around the insert - I prefer this to the overstuffed look. I was so happy my lines lined up, I even did it on purpose!

I made a couple of these cushions in taupe for Ross and Fi's house down in Berry, they turned out really nicely, maybe even nicer than these ones, and they suit the farm vibe down there. I can't see me making any more of these, I don't want the whole farmyard them to continue, but if Claude and her friends come for a sewing day, which they've threatened to do once their HSC trials are over, this might just be the project for them.

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