Thursday, 3 May 2012

Claudie's skirt

Claude is not what you'd call a budding sewist - no patience, can't see the point of pins, just wants it done. But she does love the hand-made look and is a regular at some of the crafty markets around. She particularly likes retro and vintage and has collected some beautiful garments that I'm sure she'll enjoy for years to come.

So, as a special surprise I thought I'd make her a casual skirt with a bit of shabby chic, something hand made especially for her. I spent the morning at my favourite fabric shop, Tessuti's at Chatswood, where I got lots of tips and clues on how to achieve the look I was after. I ended up with a base fabric of nude cotton elastane with five coordinating fabrics to make varying widths of 'shabby' strips from. My favourite is the gorgeous latte lace. And the shell pink suede. The plan was to 'wrap' the strips around the skirt, layering all the different textures, everything a bit patchwork-ey and not quite perfect.

The base skirt pattern was one I had in my stash, young Burda #8237, a low waisted mini which I lengthed to a finished CBL of 44cm (it was 35) - heaven knows what this pattern was doing in my stash.

To start with, I tore all of the coordinating fabrics (except the lace) on the straight grain. I wanted to make sure they would fray easily and I didn't want to have to buy oodles of fabric just to get bias strips so I used the straight grain. I sewed down each side of the strip at about 1/4" using a small straight stitch then deliberately frayed the edges right up to the stitching line. This sounds like a perfectly simple process, and it is, but time consuming - I spent the better part of four long hours doing this. I could have sewn the skirt twice over!

I sewed the strips onto the base fabric using a slight zig zag because of the stretch of the cotton elastane, using my eye as a guide and not being too precious about the placement. I left the tails hanging down at the back, not sure how they would look on but thought I can always cut them off if Claude doesn't like them. A bias binding of stretch velour from the stash and a hook and eye and the skirt was done - a fun project that I hope Claude will enjoy.

Paul, like Bob, is a staunch supporter of all things sewing.

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  1. This skirt is gorgeous! I'm sure your friend loved it. I would.