Saturday, 14 May 2011

Design and Sew 4 (in the studio)

This pattern is for six ponchos in a variety of shapes and styles (available in one size only), by Lois Ericson. Although the black and white line drawings on the pattern envelope aren't exactly inspiring, with a little imagination you can see the potential.
It was quite funny the way I came across this pattern ... I actually saw someone wearing the poncho and fell in love with it but thought it was a boutique buy - it wasn't until I complimented the lady wearing it and got talking to her that I found out she'd made it and there was a sewing pattern for it! :-) Here in Australia I purchased this pattern through Perpetual Patterns but I couldn't see it on their website last time I looked so here is the link for an overseas supplier.

This is a very simple pattern to make, it is essentially a large diamond with offset opening and two triangles of fabric laid over the diamond to jazz it up. I chose to make the poncho in a leaf green, stretch mesh lace. The pattern is so economical I used the leftover pieces to make a tee (see the review here).

I love the "boho" design of this poncho, a bit funky without being too young and girly. If I had one beef with it, it would be that I just don't believe that "one size fits all". In my experience there's a style reason as well as a size reason why patterns are graded and I think the proportions of this poncho would suit me better if it were 10% bigger - it feels a little skimpy the way it is.  In fact, after living with this poncho for a while, and not wearing it, I decided to give it to my petite-sized sister-in-law.  It suits her much better than it did me and I'm convinced it's because of the scale.  What a shame, I won't be making this pattern again :-(

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